There are several ways to make your gift to pg电子游戏试玩. 下面是一些供你参考的建议.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The pg电子游戏试玩基金会orporated, 管理礼物, 以受托人的身份行事. All gifts are administered in strict compliance with the instructions of the donor. When a gift is not accompanied by instructions, it is administered as an unrestricted gift; that is, it is used to fulfill the greatest needs of pg电子游戏试玩 as determined by the board of directors and the officers of the Foundation, 以及大学校长.
In regard to the establishment of special funds, 比如奖学金, the Foundation recommends that details for the administration be worked out by the donor and a representative of the Foundation, and written instructions for the administration of the funds be drafted and signed by the donor and the Foundation.

All gifts or donations made to pg电子游戏试玩 via check, money order, cashier’s check, etc. 应收款人为 pg电子游戏试玩基金会. or 亚利桑那州立大学基金会.


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1000 ASU驱动器#810



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Don’t forget, your gift goes even further if your company matches gifts! To find out if your employer matches, please visit  or ask for the matching gift form at your company’s Human Resource office.


A donor’s cash gift should be made by check or money order drawn payable to the pg电子游戏试玩基金会orporated and mailed to the pg电子游戏试玩基金会orporated, 1000 ASU驱动器#810, pg电子下载状态, 密西西比州39096 - 7500. You may give the Foundation up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income and claim it as a deduction. Should your gift exceed half of your income, you may claim deductions, over a five-year period.


Beginning January 1, 2018, all gifts of $250.00 and below made to the pg电子游戏试玩基金会. will only receive an emailed Acknowledgement/Thank You letter. 250美元以上的礼物.00 will continue to receive a letter through the U.S. Mail. 另外, all donors are reminded and strongly encouraged to always include your email address along with your gift to ensure receipt of your acknowledgement letter. This policy change is being made in response to the rising costs of printing and postage. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.


The simplest form of bequest is a provision in a will making an outright gift of money or property to the pg电子游戏试玩基金会orporated. Gifts through your will are not subject to Federal Estate Taxes and thus substantially reduce the tax liability of your estate. If you wish, you may restrict your gift to a particular department or program. Also, you may direct that the corpus be held in trust, with only the income being used.

The basic wording for your will which your attorney will need, 是“我给予”, 设计, and bequeath to the pg电子游戏试玩基金会orporated, 有组织的. 特许, and operated under the laws of the State of 密西西比州, with offices at Room 517 Walter Washington Administration Building, pg电子游戏试玩, pg电子下载状态, 密西西比州, the sum of $_______________ (percentage of your estate, 具体数额, or the particular item of property you are giving).”


Gifts of stocks or bonds held for more than six months may be the easiest and most advantageous way to help the University. 如果证券增值, 你可以, 直接给他们, avoid paying capital gains tax and also claim a deduction for the fair market value (what you paid plus the appreciated value).

有价证券贬值的, it is usually best to sell and give the proceeds, since 你可以 then take a tax loss on the drop in value and also deduct the proceeds as a charitable gift.



Land deeded to the Foundation is not taxable in the estate of the donor. He or she may retain full income, or a percentage of the income during their lifetime.

Special teaching and research equipment is required in almost every field of study. 在许多科学领域, constant progress demands the purchase of the most recent equipment frequently of highly technical nature. Cash contributions for this purpose or gift in kind of useful equipment are appreciated and can be receipted as donations at fair market value.


pg电子游戏试玩基金会. has been approved to participate in the 2017 National/International 联合联邦运动(CFC), the federal government’s workplace charity campaign that allows employees to make tax-deductible contributions to qualified charities through payroll deductions between October 2, 2017年和1月18日, 2018. pg电子游戏试玩’s CFC Identification Number is 36122.


Feel free to contact any member of the Institutional Advancement Office staff to learn more about the Always pg电子下载

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